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Vitamin D deficiency can lead to hair loss, because of a shortage of hair growth process can be disrupted. Man covers a large part of the vitamin D needs through sun exposure. Sunscreen and office jobs cause in our latitudes vitamin D deficiency is quite common. Almost every Central Europeans has far too little vitamin D in the body, as this vitamin can not be sufficiently supplied through the diet, but almost exclusively on sunlight.

So you have to worry about in the fall, that one can get enough sun and therefore hair to fall out?

In studies of a seasonal periodicity for a very natural hair loss could be detected in humans. In general, these „Mauser“ occurred among men in the fall or early spring. The intensity of the seasonal increased hair loss but is individually very different. The only connection that could be drawn between the sun and the hair loss, however, is that increased sun exposure can result in the summer months to greater hair loss in autumn.

The effect of vitamin D on hair growth is not fully understood. However, it suggests that a deficiency can lead to hair loss, so we recommend just in the dark months the body’s vitamin D production to boost something. We propose to spend enough time outdoors, stays in the fresh air so – despite the cold and wet – not to avoid, but to seek. Who this leaves at least 30 minutes on the face, arms and legs daily sun, must not worry about a vitamin D deficiency. In the winter, but it is difficult to reach this value. If that does not work, you should always make a vitamin D-rich diet. The need for vitamin D in the diet is in fact greater when only a little time can be spent in direct sunlight.


A study by the University of Graz showed that increased vitamin D – led in the blood to increased testosterone levels. In particular, the important for potency concentration of free testosterone increased. The study showed that men whose blood contained at least 30 nanograms of vitamin D per milliliter, sex hormones produced much more than those with less vitamin D. Testosterone is the key male sex hormone and it is responsible for sperm production and potency.

Vitamin D is also closely related to normal male fertility. The frequently occurring vitamin D deficiency leads capable of fertilization sperm in men in a reduced number. Even in women is vitamin D deficiency is closely associated with reduced fertility and is considered a risk factor associated with pregnancy complications.

Oh, please do not confuse with testosterone DHT ;-):

Muscle Building:

A separate study found that women who consume little vitamin D to have a higher fat deposition in the muscles. This result suggests that vitamin D plays a key role in building new muscle tissue.

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Take people’s daily glass of beer or wine to be rarely have to contend with low vitamin D levels. As a reason, it is believed that the antioxidant ingredients, the B vitamins and folic acid seem conducive. They prevent vitamin D depletion.

Foods that are rich in vitamin D:

Matjeshering, cod liver oil, salmon, beef, avocado, egg, liver (beef), butter, cream, cheese, cottage cheese, milk, yogurt, egg

Take advantage of the opportunity:

In order to achieve the daily dose, you would have to drink three glasses of whole milk, for example, or eat three eggs.

Well, that can be combined. A glass of milk, an egg, yogurt and cheese bread with good butter – and in terms of vitamin D intake from diet is with you all in the open field:-)

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Who increased the vitamin D levels by light or food, receives:

2 hairprotection Points – of at least 10 per day :-)

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