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Traditionally rosemary oil is used as a circulation-promoting and the scalp regenerating agent in Europe. It is believed to stimulate hair roots by their circulation-promoting properties. It is also known for it’s scalp relaxing effect. As a circulation-enhancing essential oils usually rosemary, juniper, mint, sandalwood and thyme oil are mentioned. As relaxing essential oils of lavender, lemon balm, rose, bergamot, and marjoram oil are often called.
Despite this tradition, the effects of essential oils on hair growth was very little studied.
We found a recent study which tried to find out how essential oil works against hair loss. The dermatologist from a clinic in Aberdeen (Scotland) made a randomized double-blind study on alopecia areata („circular hair loss“). For seven months, 86 randomly selected patients were treated that had previously divided into two groups. The one group each day for two minutes massaging the scalp with a mixture of essential oils. The composition was as follows: Thymus vulgaris (2 drops / 88mg), Lavendula angustifolia (3 drops / 108mg), Rosmarinus officinalis (3 drops / 144mg) and Cedrus atlantica (2 drops / 94mg) in a carrier oil, consisting of 3 ml of jojoba and 20ml grapefruit seed oil.
The placebo group was treated only with fragrant oil carrier.
At the beginning of the study, after three months and at the end of the investigation photographic documentation was created by two dermatologists, in addition they took a vote with scores of 1 to 6 and a computer analysis before.
An improvement in hair growth was observed by two dermatologists independently in Group 1. Statistical analysis showed that the treatment with essential oils Alopecia areata significantly improved. While the disease improved from 22 placebo patients only at 6, it was in the group with 19 essential oils of the 35th
The physicians therefore keep the treatment of alopecia areata with essential oils for an effective and safe treatment. However, it remains open which of the four used essential oils hair growth most stimulated.
Source: Isabelle C. Hay, Margaret Jamieson, Antony D. Ormerod. Arch Dermatol / Vol 134, November 1998 P. 1349-1352
You can use essential oils in tinctures, emulsions or as hair oil. They are always massaged into the scalp and fully develop their effect. We see the use of different oils as part of a comprehensive treatment approach:
Image: Takkk (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or (GFDL html)], via Wikimedia Commons

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