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Silicia is particularly good for the hair. It causes the hair and also supports the structure and function of articular cartilage and connective tissue thicker and firmer.

Silica in different forms to buy as a dietary supplement in pharmacies and supermarkets. Stupid when it spends money, because silica in natural form is in very many foods. Who takes, for example, regular potatoes, oats, millet, celery, spinach or bamboo shoots to himself, should have no shortage.

Particularly interesting is the concentration of the mineral silicia in beer. The silicia is also here, therefore, in the form of dissolved silica. Of particular interest, the silica in the beer can be very well received and utilized by the body. In other words, it is bioavailable, that is, is able to move in a natural way through the blood to the hair follicle and papilla !! For commercial  hair therapies you have to shell out a small fortune for such effects ;-)

Between the beers but there are large differences in terms of the silica content. As a thumb rule. Depending hopfiger the better. For hops contains other chemical compounds that are related to the female hormone estrogen, which promotes hair growth demonstrated.

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1 hairprotection point – of at least 10 per day:-)

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