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It is thought has always been that gymnastic exercises that constitute a so-called „reverse attitude“ and bring the head to a lower position compared to the rest of the body, have a beneficial effect. It is believed that one can fight as eg. Back pain and provide a slower degeneration of the spine.

When it comes to hair loss increased in this way blood flow to the scalp to ensure an accelerated hair growth. In addition, loose hair will grow back. Assuming that hair loss is primarily caused by decreased blood flow, which in turn is caused by tension and stress, argues in favor of an active countermeasures using exercises. Because blood flow is not sufficient, transported not enough nutrients to the hair follicles. Nor can it carry away waste products from the scalp.

We have our tips for a series of exercises listed, which provide for greater blood flow to the scalp. Starting with adequate sleep to the classic headstand there are a number of methods that can provide an improvement of the scalp circulation.





The exercises also help balance hormone levels in the body. The endocrine glands, which are essential in the production of hormones are stimulated.

Make initially simple exercises. Who, for example, sitting on a chair and lowers his head to his feet and his hands touched the feet / shoes, thus increasing the blood flow to the scalp. This exercise is good for the spine and it is enough to perform the exercise 3x a day for one minute each.

Take advantage of the opportunity:

There are many ways in our daily processes incorporate inversions.

Try while reading a book or do exercises in office breaks or in the evening while watching TV.

Photo: Sue Clark (Flickr: No, not yoga, it’s on Exam) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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