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1. Cause Research

There are many causes of hair loss. It may be associated with diseases and miscarriage or malnutrition or hereditary. In women, the causes are often different than in men. One can say that the reasons and manifestations of hair loss are as varied as the people themselves who suffer.

To accept the baldness as a necessary consequence of the early shrinkage of the main hair is not for everyone and also unnecessary. Based on extensive research and in-depth studies, we have compiled inexpensive and practical tips for home use, which in many cases can lead to amazing successes.

Our conclusion: Hair loss is often preventable – but not without your own efforts. Hair transplants are expensive and usually unnecessary. The own hair roots often still asleep under the scalp and need only to be awakened.



2. Effective Tips

Most proposed methods under “tipps-haarausfall.de” are successfully applied, alternative methods. The effects were often proved by studies or are based on individual experience reports and in many cases have naturopathic basis. Who wants to defend hair loss on his own may find interesting suggestions on actions which can usually be readily integrated into the daily routine. As more efficiency and costs were kept in mind, you can be sure to find any links or advice to expensive rip-off. The variety of methods to get hair loss under control and especially their combinations, constitute the real strength of this guide page. The information offered by the site also offers incisive insights into the topic.


3. Broadband therapy

The essential idea behind the presented tips is that several measures need to be added in a useful way to have full effect. Where it is reasonable things should be addressed in parallel. A combination of internal and external applications, for example, leads often to a potentiation of the results.


4. There is no miracle cure

Since there is no lack in quackery in the field of hair loss – attention is required. Expensive is often not good and less is often more. It is not useful to limit yourself to treating single causes of hair loss. First, most times hair loss is based on a number of problems and secondly, causes can change over time. Those who suffer from hair loss should always fight some of the major causes at the same time! That is why a broadband therapy that addresses simultaneously erases a number of possible causese offers the best successes. The ONE wonder stuff that you just have to take or apply and the hair loss is history is not available.  Although many drugs for sale that promise just that in studies, however, they have not demonstrated their effectiveness.


But what happens when one tries his luck with a single agent?

Unfortunately very often almost nothing. At least if you trust scientific studies and experience reports. Most of the treatments available for internal or external use – many with vitamins and / or minerals – have little effect. This is because with a healthy nutrition there is no lack of many of the ingredients. So the hair loss-ridden man invested valuable time in the knowledge that the treatments that were chosen cannot stop hair loss. He may even try some more „magic“ treatments until he loses his patience finally: What if the next preparation, the desired effect is guilty again? Frustration is spreading, because the „best“ means to make matters worse, are often EXPENSIVE.


5. Tipps-Haarausfall.de

Our advice is to combine at least two inner and two external measures and an exercise from the catalog. We have also evaluated the individual tips on a point system. Those who follow the advices may credit every day something on a points account. Already with a score of 10, you can have the good feeling of having done a lot for the preservation and protection of his hair. With the new concept, the user is given the flexibility to vary different tips and treatments. This creates pleasant change. One thing is certain:  you have to apply endurance in any case, since the treatment needs to get apllied at lesat for 6 months – so that the full effect can develop. The topic of hair loss is too complex for short-lived experiments. With the duration of treatment  the insight comes that it works and visible results give courage and hope.

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